Cashew nuts are good for children

 Cashew nuts have a sweet taste, balanced, spleen-tonic effect, nourishing, neutralizing, treating depression, eating less, gaining weight, lacking milk after birth, children stunted growth, anorexia, especially Abdominal children.

Question:  I often buy cashew nuts to eat at home. Cashew nuts, easy to eat, my grandchildren also love to eat. I heard that this kind of nut is good for both children, is it true?

Tran Thu Huong (Hanoi)

Dr. Nguyen Phan Truc Nguyen,  Vung Tau:  Cashew has a sweet taste, balanced, spleen-tonic effect, nutritious, neutralizing, curing depression, eating less, difficulty gaining weight, postpartum milk shortage, stunted children Piles grow slowly, anorexia, especially children with bellyache. Cashew nuts are considered a high-class dish, very nutritious, good for frail adults, stunted children, sports athletes, some places also use cashew kernels instead of milk for people. have a milk allergy. Cashew nuts are used by children or adults.


Cashew benefits for human health

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